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Way back in 1996, after my Ohio school system downsized (they let go all teachers with less than nine years teaching experience) and the private Christian school where I taught went out of business, I decided it was time to move on and find a new career. I was single, never having married, so I had nothing to keep me from experiencing a new adventure and I wanted to travel.

My first travel venture, I found in the newspaper Want Ads, was working for a traveling glamour studio, setting appointments for our makeover artists and glamour photographers. The work was good, affording me to order a brand new 1997, Dodge Ram 3500 dually and to purchase a used 35 foot Fleetwood Wilderness 5th wheel RV. The only problem, I didn't like living in different hotels every two weeks and my boss wouldn't allow me to travel with my RV.
I subscribed to a Workamping agency and responded to two of their employer job offers:
First: Seeking adventurers who’d like to earn money while they travel.....that was me! Redwood Graphics provides free landmark signage to RV Parks across the nation. Redwood Graphics has been utilizing the services of full and part time RV’ers since the 80's. Our RV’ers are independent contractors who earn commissions as they travel the country and live in places they’ve only dreamed about. They are provided two week Complementary RV sites at RV parks across the nation. We offer a relaxed and self-paced work environment. Some of our RV’ers have worked full time while others part-time. How much money you want to earn is totally up to you.

Second: Head Clown wanted for traveling circus. I would be responsible for all concession sales and advance ticket sales. Sounded like a fun enough adventure, I'd get to dress up in floppy colorful costumes, wear Identity altering make up and make people laugh while acting like a total buffoon. Hmm, a few of my past students had treated me like a clown, so maybe I should get paid for it.....All clowning aside I chose more wisely.

Workampering for Redwood Graphics, I traveled as a fulltimer for six years. Started in Corpus Christ, Texas, but I primarily worked the eastern US states, from Key West, Florida all the way up to the Finger Lakes of New York and all the states between. It was a wonderful life changing adventure.

The RV parks all treated me like royalty, the office staff helped me line up their sponsors and after work I took part in all the park activities. Over the years I met a lot of remarkable Rv'ers and Snowbirds. On the weekends I'd either scout out new RV park locations to work or move on to the next RV Resort.

I arrived in Key Largo in May of 1998. While there I met and married my wife, Ginny. I thought I'd quit traveling and settle down, but Ginny chose to quit her job. We continued traveling and working together for Redwood Graphics, until we purchased Vital Signs in Key Largo in 2003. Over twelve years we built Vital Signs into the largest graphic design/wide format printing and sign shop in the Florida Keys. Looking to continue our adventure and fondly remembering our years workamping for Redwood Graphics, we were excited to learn my boss was retiring and it was available. We acquired Redwood Graphics in 2013. We sold Vital Signs and our home in 2015, and moved to our farm in Central Florida.

In 2016, we completed the build of our new Redwood Graphics offices and purchased our third large format Roland Printer/Plotter and a new Laguna Tools ShopSmart II CNC Router table.

Ginny and I have come full circle with Redwood Graphics, first as Workampers and now as Owners/Employers. We are excited to hire Workampers to help us place our free landmark Masterboard signage in RV Parks across the nation.

Give us a call today so you too can begin a life changing workamper adventure of your own!

Call (352)816-5898 or email office@redwoodgraphics.net today for an interview
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Adventures of A Not So Audacious Workamper.
Call (352)816-5898 or email office@redwoodgraphics.net today for an interview
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